Why does Warren Buffett have a bitcoiner mindset?

Warren Buffett is considered one of the greatest investors of all time. Its natural success for more than half a century in traditional financial markets has made it possible to make a huge fortune. According to the most current data, Buffett’s personal fortune is estimated at approximately $ 85 billion.As for such a young phenomenon as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the famous billionaire is fundamentally skeptical of them. Buffett has long earned a reputation as one of Bitcoin's main haters. However, if you study its key principles and approaches to investing more carefully, you can understand that Buffett, in fact, has the mindset of the real “Bitcoiner”. This may surprise at first, but just read today's story, and you will immediately understand everything. Warren Buffett Hates Bitcoin The billionaire investor is…

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The Ethereum network has been attacked. The miners are to blame

Large mining pools spammed the cryptocurrency blockchain with millions of transactions. Because of this, users were forced to overpay for the transfer of coins. A spam attack on the Ethereum network took place. Miners filled the cryptocurrency blockchain with tens of thousands of transactions for insignificant amounts. In a number of transfers, the volume of cryptocurrency sent did not exceed 0.001 ETH ($ 0.23), Trustnodes reports. Portal analysts said that mining pools are responsible for the attack. For example, on June 24, the Ethermine pool completed more than 13 thousand transactions. Since the start of spam, SparkPool and Nanopool pools have made an even greater contribution, during this period they made 6 million and 15 million transfers, respectively. As a result, the Ethereum network was overloaded. On June 24, when…

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Best Crypto News Aggregators

A cryptocurrency news aggregator is literally a one-stop shop for all the latest news, updates, and insights from the cryptocurrency space. These platforms compile content from a range of sources in order to present comprehensive coverage on the industry. This allows users to get multiple perspectives on topics and trends quickly, without having to search through multiple websites.