Where to invest in 2021: 6 options for fans of stability and for gamblers

I prefer to keep money in cryptocurrency, because I know this market better than anyone else and have built a business here. But years of trial and error in different spheres made me understand one simple thing: anyone can be an investor. The question is ambition, how much you are willing to risk and what kind of income you are interested in.

The concept of “free money” everyone defines for itself. For some it’s 10% of any income that can be put aside without discomfort for life. Others try to make sure that most of their income is not kept “under the pillow”, and worked and brought a passive income.

In this article I will tell you what you can invest money in in 2021. For convenience, I have gathered the assets into packages.


Has long been one of the most reliable and proven investment assets. The price of gold is not subject to sharp and unpredictable jumps, you can plan for long-term profits. Despite the fact that its value has now fallen, gold is still a reliable asset.

The downside of the metal is a low, albeit stable income.

Residential real estate

Another “old-timer” among investment options. The most profitable format – invest at the stage of construction, and then sell after the commissioning, when the price rises markedly. With this approach, it is important to consider the reputation of the developer, so as not to go bankrupt.

Real estate is also possible to buy for rent. Most likely, you will have to spend money on repairs, which is also important to consider.


The most ambiguous, and therefore the most interesting asset. Here you can both reach the jackpot and lose everything.

Cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, have tremendous volatility. For example, at the end of 2020 the price of BTC was at $18-19 thousands, at the beginning of September of this year it reached $50 thousands and not long ago it had fallen to $46 thousands.

It is almost impossible to determine when or because of what the bitcoin price will rise or fall. The most popular model of behavior is so-called holding, when a cryptocurrency is bought and held for sale at the moment of maximum profit. This is my approach, too.

It’s a nerve-racking game, but the stakes are pretty high, too. Four years ago they were paying $2-3K for BTC – it’s not hard to imagine the profit made by those who held bitcoin till better times. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are closely embedded in most businesses, which is why you can make money on it. An example of this is an online casino that accepts payments through cryptocurrencies. Read 10 Facts About Bitcoin Casinos on our blog.

According to predictions, the price of BTC can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars this year. You can also read on our blog Why does Warren Buffett have a bitcoiner mindset?


Innovation is the engine of progress. All sorts of startups in IT and other spheres appear with enviable regularity, and you don’t have to look far for examples.

OVO, a fruit and vegetable delivery service, was launched in Ukraine during the quarantine period in the spring of 2020. Within a year, the company’s monthly turnover grew to UAH 5 million. In June 2021, OVO raised $500 thousand in a seed round.

The more undeveloped the niche, the greater the chance of obtaining a decent income with minimal investment. Think back, perhaps one of your friends is preparing to launch a potentially promising product or service. Assess the risks and take action.

Works of Art

Paintings, antiques, and collectibles have always been a luxury item. To invest in such an asset, you need to involve outside experts who can help assess their value and prospects.

Works by contemporary emerging artists can be bought for relatively little money. If successful, after a few years, they can be sold for several times more.

Invest in yourself

Here you have limitless possibilities and investment options. Knowledge does not depreciate, it expands horizons and creates room for maneuvering in case of a crisis.

Languages, marketing courses, design, website layout… You can even invest in learning the intricacies of investing. Why not? You can invest in your health at the same time, so that in the long run you will not only get a financial return.

When choosing investments, you should first of all be guided by the start-up capital and the risks you are willing to take.

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